Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hand-Held Propeller, Tulsa Outdoor Suite & Swuffy Rabbit!

Hey Guys!

Just in time for Easter, SmallWorlds have some extra special new items available for you. First off, the amazing Held-Held Propeller you can get with 12-Month VIP Membership.
Next, a whole new set of items - the Tulsa Outdoor Suite. Pick up the package and you'll get the Rare Tulsa Outdoor Fountain to complete your set!
And finally, SmallWorlds have a brand new Suffy Rabbit - especially for Easter!

Get a Hand-Held Propeller With 12-Month VIP!

SmallWorlds have changed the item you get with the a 12 month VIP package. You'll be amazed by the Hand-Held Propeller that you now get with this package. This hi-tech, rare and innovative method of transportation is available right now!
Fly around spaces holding the Hand-Held Propeller, a gadget favored by super spies and awesome robot detectives alike! I really want one! They are super cool! But only if I get my account back. I am using another account because my normal one got hacked, SmallWorlds have banned my account so they can sort it out.

The Tulsa Outdoor Living Suite

A companion to the modern interior decor options provided in the amazingly popular Tulsa Lounge Suite, here comes the Outdoor Living Suite in the Tulsa theme!
 It's really cool!

Featuring 15 individual new items this 54 piece set is a stunning addition to any outdoor entertaining area. New items include a Gazebo, a Hot Tub and plenty of furniture to sit on.
Individual items are available in your Shop Catalog, but by far the best way to get the whole set is to snap up the Tulsa package. It comes with a special Rare item - the Tulsa Outdoor Fountain. The only way to get this fountain is in the package, and it's only available for a limited time.
The eagle-eyed among you who spend time in the Forums may notice a sneaky surprise with regards to the Fountain. Available for $14.95 USD, this outdoor set has to be seen to be believed.

The Easter Bunny Swuffy.

Swuffys are soft toys you can craft from trading cards and fabric on your crafting table or sewing machine. They have been a popular item for 2012 and we bring out new ones on a regular basis.

It's the season of the Bunny right now with Easter upon us and what better way to show our love of a four day weekend than release the Swuffy Bunny!
You will need a low, low crafting level of only 65 for this item and to craft it the ingredients are the Wascally Wabbit Card (x15), the Plain Teddy Bear and the Plain Fabric (x4).

Happy Easter!
~Abi :)

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